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Calista’s Update – July 21st

July 22, 2015
Hi everyone thank you for all your love and support, going forward I will be doing all my own updates on my website. Since the last post I have been in the hospital 3 times for full week long Chemo treatments and have been several times each week for test and blood transfusions. I have reached the halfway mark for my Chemo treatment, Yea!!! I have 3 more months to go. I am very over hospitals, even though the nurses are nice the food sucks. I could really do without getting poked at and the throwing up, but am trying to hang in there. I get to see therapy dogs in the hospital and sleep a lot (thanks to the meds) and get visits from family and friends. My little brother thinks it just time to hang out and watch cartoons. (see pic) Mom is still off work and tries to keep me smiling with her unbearable corny jokes and stories. I have an MRI scheduled for the first week of Aug. so we can see what the Chemo is doing. My mom is painting and making crafts to help with bills and that is fun to watch and I help occasionally. Artsbydrea on I go in the hospital again on Aug. 9th but before that I get to see FALL OUT Boy in concert. I would love a visit from my friends before school starts if anyone can hang out. Talk to you soon - Cali


June 1, 2015
Thank you to everyone who has shown Calista so much support  over the last few weeks. Kindness of complete strangers and all the prayers and love.  Calista was able to visit the set of the new DEADPOOL movie,  and the honor of meeting the cast and crew and even have a part in the movie.  A very special heartfelt THANKS to Ryan Reynolds, John Kelly and Tim Miller for making this an incredible once in a lifetime experience for such a big Deadpool fan!  We are humbled and appreciative of the special treatment she received from everyone on set from the whole Wham crew (Karin, Gemma, Bliss, Eric, Lawra, Rhonda, Thane) on our visit to Vancouver and the support Ryan has given her on Social Media. Thank you John for spending so much time with her showing her so much personally, and Ryan, Bill, Gina,Rhett, Paul, and Gemma for hanging out with us it was wonderful to meet you all!  The trip kept her spirits lifted and a smile on her face while in the hospital the following week bragging about how good the food was John. lol.  Calista despite a few complications made it through  her first round of in Hospital Chemo mostly sedated with minimum nausea.  Thank you, those friends and family whole stopped by the say hi and Grandma who stayed to help.  Since returning home, Calista's white blood cell and platelet counts have been dangerously low and unfortunately is considered severely  neutropenic and not allowed many visitors.  She has had 2 blood transfusions and even a trip to the ER this week.  We are hoping her cell count will grow from here and she can chuck this adorable face mask in the picture she would love to do without.  As a reminder, feel free to leave words of encouragement for Calista to read on this website, she checks this often.

May 6th- Update

May 6, 2015
New Update on Calista- She will undergo another MRI this evening, Lumbar Puncture in Oakland tomorrow (Spinal Tap) and her Hospital admission has been moved to May 17- May 22nd. Please keep her in your prayers and send comments and encouragement on A big thank you to everyone who showed support at the Rally for Cali!!  Warm hugs and thank you to the Family and friends that helped put the event together, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

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